Based on name recognition alone…

Jeremy Taylor is a 25 year old American book editor working for Pearce Learner in London. He lives in a swanky flat, has a fancy coffee machine, and goes to work in a designer suit. When he arrives at the office, his fierce corporate boss is fuming about a rival publisher’s signing of the new novel by Irvin Gattinger, a once famous writer who hasn’t produced in years.

Jeremy is impressed: “based on name recognition alone, it’ll be an instant success“. He is even more impressed when he is sent off to Tuscany to persuade another once famous novelist (and his personal hero), Weldon Parish, to start writing again after twenty years, and give Pearce Learner the bestseller the boss craves.

Tuscany is lovely, he falls for the writer’s horse-mad daughter, gets Weldon back tapping at the keys of his old typewriter, and discovers his inner novelist. Needless to say Jeremy ends up staying in Italy.

Wow! Is this what happened to all those 25 year old editors we used to know?

Shadows in the Sun (2005)


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