Turn it up

And so it goes on, with chapter after chapter until part or total length is reached. It is now a work, a tome, a volume battling not to be ignored, perhaps a member of a set or series, a filling of a shelf, a cradling in the hand, a mover of eyes from side to side, a spender of spirit and sensibility, a grouper of ideas and ideologies, a bringer of profit or loss, a parcel of rotting paper leaves, a lighter of fires, a wiper, a soaker up, a knapsack treasure, a hidey-hole horror, a life-saver, a carrier of despair or desperation, black-on-white courage and phantom-like fears, dream or nightmare: one word after another makes this thing, and what tools go into the making of the text, what storms and becalmings can result, mean it’s a process worth taking seriously.

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