Searching for the avant-garde in England

Searching today for the avant-garde in England I found:

avant-garde public relations
avant-garde cars
avant-garde e-liquids
avant-garde alloy wheels
avant-garde hair and beauty
avant-garde audio-visual solutions
avant-garde creative studios
avant-garde T-shirts
avant-garde garden structures
avant-garde personal loans
avant-garde model kits
avant-garde clothing
avant-garde home improvements
avant-garde promotional merchandise
avant-garde natural stone steps and paving
avant-garde security
avant-garde wedding photography
avant-garde business consultancy
avant-garde roofing
avant-garde music venues
avant-garde bars
avant-garde bathrooms
avant-garde posters
avant-garde fireplaces
avant-garde lawns
avant-garde dining room furniture
avant-garde dance
avant-garde fonts
avant-garde housing developments
avant-garde distribution
avant-garde jobs
avant-garde models
avant-garde opticals
avant-garde corporate role-play
avant-garde bathroom furniture
avant-garde men’s fragrances
avant-garde financial advice
avant-garde drinks
avant-garde holiday homes
avant-garde dental services
avant-garde murder mystery events
avant-garde clematis
avant-garde chocolate glazed donuts
avant-garde sofas
avant-garde damp solutions
avant-garde rugs
avant-garde model planes
avant-garde hypnotherapy
avant-garde funeral stationery
avant-garde chauffeur drive cars
avant-garde wig conditioner