My father carried many things in his pockets

I remember that my father carried many things in his pockets and reflect that most of these either no longer exist as everyday objects, have been replaced by technology or are socially unacceptable. This list, presented in alphabetical order, will be familiar to some but perplexing to others.

Address book to write down addresses and telephone numbers

Business cards (his own and those of people he had met)

Car keys

Cheque book for drawing cash, paying bills, and for writing notes on the back of

Cigarette lighter

Fountain pen for writing cheques, notes and signing letters

Handkerchief for nose in trouser pocket and other one for show in the breast pocket

House keys

Loose change for buying small items, giving exact change, and giving tips (never automatically included on any bill)

Office keys (including keys to a drinks cabinet and keys to a safe)

Packet of cigarettes

Penknife for opening things, sharpening things, scratching off samples of paint to take back to the laboratory

Pocket appointment diary

Propellor pencil

Wallet containing banknotes, driving licence, receipts and postage stamps