Creative Reading

For the past month (23 August to 22 September 2017), in the continued search for creative ways of reading, I have noted down a small section from each day’s books. The following has emerged from one purposeful arrangement of this material.


He was so in love with books that he would prop one up beside his shaving mirror and read whilst shaving, which must have been a hazardous occupation.

‘Reading kept him alive,’ she said, ‘right till the end.’

Language shows clearly that memory is not an instrument for exploring the past but its theatre.

The only advice that can be given to the writer is: Don’t go further than others do. In fact, keep just a little behind them. If they say ‘guts’, you say ‘bowels of compassion.’

ACL – ACCELERATED CONTACT LANGUAGE – was, Scile told me, a speciality crossbred from pedagogics, receptivity, programming and cryptography.

Printing is ‘the artillery of thought’.

Workshop grey greenish, light but electric also; no bare arms except in packing rooms etc….figures with book compressors, stapling, scrimming; magazine sheet assembly; girls with sewing machines, comical spoofs; occasional solid bright colour, e.g. Blue covers ink or overalls. NOISE.

Anybody who has persevered thus far with this book without skipping may be assumed to be a dedicated reader.


He who seeks to approach his own buried past must conduct himself like a man digging.

When faced with the blank space on the map, we turn to the fantastical.

Life came before art with her – and what a life! Ezra remarked that he thought she got more out of life than was perhaps in it.

He was a very useful father to have, for he knew a great deal and didn’t mind answering questions.

All sciences are devoted to the quest for truth; truth can neither be apprehended nor communicated without art. History therefore is an art, like all the other sciences.

But instead of this necessary risk of ‘falling in love,’ what we have today is a worldwide movement directed against any sort of risk: from our decadent Western permissive societies to the Islamic fundamentalists, all of them are united in the fight against desire.

Repossessed by its owner, the fragmented, headless body of surrealism becomes a vehicle for irony, resistance, humour and self-expression.

When a man rides a long time through wild regions he feels the desire for a city.

Miami’s South Beach is nothing like a white cube.

I used to understand our way of life…The way we lived used to make sense to me…But now, I don’t I understand anything…None of it makes sense at all…


Pauvre Philippe, je me demande quelquefois si tout son mystère ne le fatigue pas de temps en temps.

Schwer zu wissen für den Autor, wie weit er gehen darf, wie weit heute, wie weit morgen.

Auch sehe er sich nicht als Lehrer; den das könnte bedeuten, dass er selbst nichts zu lernen hätte.

Schnellläufer sucht Balletttänzerin in Kongressstadt – Das Zusammentreffen dreier gleicher Buchstaben.

Deformation durch Schriftstellerei als Beruf, Popanz der Öffentlichkeit; als lebe man, um etwas zu sagen. Wem!

Er allerdings habe keine Lust, sich mit Texten abzugehen, die nur für Maschinen von Interesse seien.

Der Wärter in einem Leuchtturm, der nicht mehr in Betrieb ist; er notiert sich durchfahrenden Schiffe, da er nicht weiss, was sonst er tun soll.

Ich lebe jetzt ohne Vorsatz.


Apples can be forgotten about, but not bananas, not really. They don’t in fact take at all well to being forgotten about. They wizen and stink of putrid and go almost black.

Wipe your hands across your mouth, and laugh;
The worlds revolve like ancient women
Gathering fuel in vacant lots.

We are proud, handsome and predatory.
We hunt machines, they are our favourite game.
We invent them and then hunt them down.

It were not right ever to cease lamenting
It was like the parting of day from night.

Some days I miss waitressing
And the way it made my feet feel.