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Internal divisions

After a number of paragraphs there is sometimes extra space or a line of little stars, prompting a breather, a moment’s pause to refresh the eyes or consider a train of thought or sequence of actions. Some cannot resist the prompt to signpost these sections with headings and explanations. The gaps are visible on the page but not always on the screen, where a hiatus may encourage frantic scrolling or abandonment of reading altogether. A break within a text can be an excuse to stop reading for the night or at other dark times.

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Like lengths of rope, intertwined or fastened end-to-end, sentences support or extend each other.   Contemporary processes and post-philosophies limit restrictions on interchangeability and flux, equalizing emphasis, flattening textures, becalming currents and allowing surfaces to grow fœtid and opaque. Sets of sentences, thrown like sticks or stones, can reverberate in the flatness, but have no sequence and little consequence.

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