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Recollection of the phrase

When words are gathered in short phrases, obedient or insubordinate clauses, the time is ripe for bits and bobs to start their interaction on the page. Together they may be ordered as arguments or, more likely, burdened with unpredictable and unintended ironies. Some phrasings reverberate with diplomacy and deliberation, and mean only what is later discovered with forensic scrutiny and tranquil hindsight.



At close quarters some words have a heartfelt affinity, others hyphenate self-consciously, and some are grouped hook, line and sinker. Words have tendencies to gather, interrelate and revel in their jointly generated powers, as they build phrase and sentence to engender comprehension and creativity. The order can be changed: composition can balance stresses, disturb preconceptions, make meaning out of contrasts and conflicts, dictate the placing of phrases in crowded texts.

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