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Like lengths of rope, intertwined or fastened end-to-end, sentences support or extend each other.   Contemporary processes and post-philosophies limit restrictions on interchangeability and flux, equalizing emphasis, flattening textures, becalming currents and allowing surfaces to grow fœtid and opaque. Sets of sentences, thrown like sticks or stones, can reverberate in the flatness, but have no sequence and little consequence.

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Doing time together

Sentences expose the tense undersides: the viscera that may be dislocated or melded by the surface lexical patterns. Tone and time and modal angularity determine how a sentence reads, how it relates to others in the vicinity, and how constructed discourse laces up. Proposing discrete meanings for single sentences validates frenzied metaphysical cries or epitaphs, brings on the death of sense and a language of faith not reason.



Between two points

The hook, the handle, the place that indicates centre of gravity can be hidden in the tumbling of even the simplest space between two points. As words and groups of words gather with pretended purpose, there is not so much a commonality of meaning as the neat or haphazard arrangement of raw and cooked dishes in a semantic picnic basket. It isn’t always easy to decide between good looks and good taste, wholesomeness and hedonism.



At close quarters some words have a heartfelt affinity, others hyphenate self-consciously, and some are grouped hook, line and sinker. Words have tendencies to gather, interrelate and revel in their jointly generated powers, as they build phrase and sentence to engender comprehension and creativity. The order can be changed: composition can balance stresses, disturb preconceptions, make meaning out of contrasts and conflicts, dictate the placing of phrases in crowded texts.

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