>un<restricted and form>less<

Heading away from the implied oppositions of >un< and >less<, the fixes and patches for words we don’t want to use or mean; wrapping them in their opposites; flashing a short-circuited release and spilling of energy. 

>un< and >less< not negating, but reinforcing: >un<godly and god>less< equally namecheck deities we don’t deny or denigrate.

>un<predictable events imply aim>less< happenings.


>un<challenged and match>less< 

Harnessing the oppositional in >un< and >less<, gathering the implied and included to advantage; taking the >un<intended direction>less< course; going further while spinning round meanings.

Discovering that travelling >un<opposed will not mean it’s a pain>less< journey: there will be trials and barriers.

Going >un<prepared and guile>less< can enhance confidence.


>un<emotional and hap>less< 

Reconciliation of the >un<happy and the joy>less< can fill the feeling gap; expose the >un<caring and love>less< tendency; banish >un<inspiring and thought>less< actions.

Taking an >un<predictable and self>less< step brings benefits.

None of this leads to an >un<doing.


>un<premeditated and motive>less<

Not thinking is not >un<thinking: thought>less< is not without a thought. A mental process behind >un<inspiring or mind>less< utterances might enrage if it were more manifest.

Translate motivation and motive and >un<cover >un<intentional considerations, >word<less messages and >face<less trolling.

Hard gathering evidence of the trace>less<.


>un<ashamed and care>less<

The people can be proud and >un<abashed faced with accusations of shame>less< behaviour.

Apparently defence>less and >un<arrayed, it’s easy to stay >un<affected and shame>less<, immune to taste>less< talk.

One response to >un<guarded criticism and thought>less< bias.


heed>less< and >un<responsive

Messages of >un<feeling are treated as meaning>less<: an audience rendered speech>less< by >un<imaginable thoughts. 

Only the >un<ripe and tact>less< remains. 

Self>less< and >un<fearful clambering out of the bottom>less< place.